Container Construction Book Available

Find our more information on the Shipping Container Construction process. This Downloadable book is the most unique and comprehensive collection of photos, design and information on the entire "step by step" process of container home construction.

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Designs, Floor plans and Blue prints.

Our design company has been very creative with ways to maximize the space.
Finding designs for container homes can be quite challenging and costly.
Therefore it is best to start off with inexpensive floor plans before moving forward.

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Videos on Shipping Container Home Construction

Over 50 complete videos on Shipping Container Home Construction ready for downloading.
Our company has documented its step by step procedure on the entire process of loading and uploading and cutting and painting and building an entire home.

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Photo 2

Glass Home with fold out wooden deck

Glass Home with fold out wooden deck Studio Apartment:  $18,000 This home includes a manual door opening system. The giant front deck that opens, as seen in photos is not automatic, nor is is run on electricity. The deck must be lowered manually with a chain-system. Any hydraulic system is extra.       Price

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Containerhome foundation2

Container Home Foundations

Container Home Foundations The process of constructing a proper foundation for your container home.           The foundation is an important part of your shipping container home. In the beginning of the construction process, the design and location of your shipping container foundation is very important. Before you build your foundation, do

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Shipping Containers Costa Rica

Transporting the shipping containers

Transporting the shipping containers Quick Questions to ask! Are the roads clear enough with realistic turns and hills? What is the status of the terrain, is it loose gravel or slippery mud? Are there low-lying cables and tree limbs? Is transport best during dry season because of the muddy roads to your land. Have you

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Are Shipping Containers Hurricane Proof?

Are Shipping Containers Hurricane Proof? This has been a big question for my company these past few weeks. With the current state of the Caribbean, Florida and Texas, people are seriously concerned about the re-building process in accordance to the increasing climate change and intense storms. When considering the investment of building a house, the construction and  design, of a home, in

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container homes costa rica

40ft Reefer Container Home $12,000

40ft Reefer Container Home $12,000 DESCRIPTION: 40ft long 9’6″ 320 sq/ft living space. Insulated walls. Finished bathroom Finished Kitchen. Electric and water connections through out the home. Price does not include Transportation or Installation. Click Here for more info on the product: We currently have the following containers: One-way new 20ft          $3500 One-way new 40ft

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Unloading Shipping Containers Costa Rica

Container Homes in Costa Rica

Container Homes in Costa Rica   The shipping container business in Costa Rica began just less than 15 years ago. Now you can locate many shipping container homes and container offices all throughout the country of Costa Rica. Most of the shipping container homes in Costa Rica are located in the backcountry, off the beaten

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