Home Prices, Designs and Description.

Shipping Container Home Prices, Designs and Description.


DESCRIPTION OF The Container Homes:



Two-40ft shipping containers
Two-40ft shipping containers


 The above design is a 40ft x 16ft (640 sq/ft) Home.

This home has two 40ft x 8ft steel shipping containers.

Price tag begins at $50,000

  1. Durable Heavy Duty Steel Shipping Containers. (ISO standard).
  2. Fully finished 1.5” insulated walls and ceiling.
  3. Basic Plumbing and fixtures for one bathroom and kitchen. Completed.
  4. Basic Electricity and fixtures throughout the unit. (110v/220v electrical system)
  5. Two ceiling lights and four wall plug receptacles per 20ft unit.
  6. 1M x 1M Windows (2 per 20ft unit).
  7. Standard front door(re-use of the cutout material).
  8. Kitchen (sink, faucet, shelves, ceramic counter top).
  9. Bathroom (sink, shower, toilet). Ceramic floor only.
  10. Outside shell painted.
  11. Finished Ceramic Floor.
  12. All labor and taxes.

 Not included in the price:

  1. Separate A-Frame roof.
  2. AC Units.
  3. Steel security bars on  windows and doors.
  4. Window Screens.
  5. Removable steel storm shutters for all windows.
  6. Sliding glass doors.( 8’x8′ )
  7. Larger windows(based on size)
  8. Water Tank.
  9. Rainwater Catchment System.
  10. Spiral staircase to roof top deck.
  11. Roof top deck.

Not included in the Price:

  1. Permits and Papers for the home construction, including architect and engineer signatures if required.

  2. Site preparation for the home.

  3. Crane costs on Installation day.

  4. Septic, Electric & Water Hook-ups.

  5. Transportation.