How to buy a shipping container

The process of building a shipping container home requires many steps. You are planning to build a house. Even though it is a shipping container house, it is a house nonetheless. Like any home you will need to gather all the proper legal documents, blueprints, permits, etc. These documents differ from every country, state and local municipality. So without getting into all of the details required for this process, you should find a qualified builder in your area and ask for consultation regarding the home building process using steel. It would be my recommendation to not use the word or expression, shipping container. Use the phrase “heavy gauge steel construction”. Some places on the earth are very open and ready to accept shipping container home construction, but unfortunately most are not. So using the correct terminology in the application process for breaking ground is very important.

When you begin your search for your shipping container, whether it’s for a shipping container home building company or just a used shipping container you will probable be doing most of your research on the web. This is fine, however it seems these days it’s more difficult to get the actual information you want because the sites that pop up during your search are blog sites or distraction sites that have no relevance to your search. Most of the top sites are there because they have been optimized and are focusing on “affiliate marketing”. These sites want you to click on their focus advertising on the sidebars, which in turn generate income for the site. There are so many web sites designed for the searcher to click on all these site ads that it can be very challenging to get the proper information. I am not condemning these sites, just stating the new challenges of getting the correct information you are asking for. One of my suggestions is to explore past the first three pages of all your searches. Another suggestion is to visit some of the container home building chat sites and ask some questions.

One way to get what you are looking for is to be specific.

1.Typing in your location, i.e. state, country.

  1. Put in as many words as possible. For example, “shipping containers” “Costa Rica” “Building homes in Costa Rica using shipping containers”, etc.

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  1. I wish I would have used that during a meeting I had with a few architects, as soon as they heard “shipping container” I saw there eyes go….$$$. Next time I will be sure to say heave gauge steel construction haha.

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