How Hot Do Shipping Containers Get?

And what can you do about it.

Generally, all shipping containers that are made of steel get extremely hot at times.

The ones we have in Costa Rica measures temperatures up to 120 degrees on the roof and on the side panels.  This is at the peak of the day when the temperatures are the hottest. But we are located in a generally cool mountain valley, so what do they measure at the beach?
I will add a link at the bottom of this article that will show you a video of 4 different conditions for shipping containers, in Costa Rica. The first is a standard shipping container wall, the temperature registered at 115 degrees, the second container had insulation in the ceiling and the temperature registered at 95 degrees

The third had no insulation but did have a roof reflecting the sun, the temperature registered at 99 degrees. The last one was a Reefer, a refrigerated container with 3” of insulation in the walls, the temperature registered at 85 degrees.

Some of the best ways to keep a shipping container, in Costa Rica, cool.

  1. Place your shipping container home in the shade.
  2. Build a roof over the container to reflect the light.
  3. Paint the roof with a high RV paint, even if you have a roof.
  4. Insulate the internal walls with traditional insulation or spray foam.
  5. Build windows on all sides of the container home to catch the cross breeze.
  6. Install extractor fans.
  7. Put in air condition. This was an easy one.

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