ContainerHome.Net is currently accepting Projects in Costa Rica for 2015-16

Price on Home is based on the size and the number of containers used.


  1. 20ft or 40ft x8ft wide and 8ft high.
  2. Fully finished Bathroom: Includes shower, toilet, sink, cabinet, mirror and door with locks, plumbing,                           (hot water heater not included, but plumbed for).
  3. Fully finished Bedroom: Includes closet. (No Bed)
  4. Fully finished Kitchen: Includes cabinets, sink, faucets, countertop and track lighting.
  5. Basic Electricity and fixtures throughout the unit. (110v/220v electrical system)                                                          (Breaker panel, 6 light fixtures, 10 wall receptacles)
  6.  2-6 Windows (sizes vary from 27”x37” and 36”x52) Based on size of container.
  7. 1 Entrance door, standard size.
  8. Finished walls/ceiling.
  9. Ceramic floor covering.
  10. No phone hookup, Internet wiring, etc.
  11. Outside Painted.
  12. Labor and Taxes Included


Not included in the quote:

  1. Transportation quote not included. 
  2. Septic tank not included.
  3. Any local codes and permits  not included.
  4. AC units not included.
  5. Refrigerator stove and/or stove top, microwave, couch, kitchen table, bed and any other furnishings not included.     We can  buy and install.
  6. Instalation
  7. Site Prep


Payment structure:

Price: $

Deposit:     50% due upon signing contract.

Second Payment: When home is 50% complete.

Final Payment: One week before delivery.


Other Specifications:

Specifications and finishes: a. 1 10V electrical wire throughout the home.

AC breakers not included. c. 3-4 breakers used in a 1 8″x9″ breaker box (also included).

Brand names: a. Switches and outlets: B-Ticino/Cutter Hammer

Plumbing Fixtures: Kenneth and Fenji d. Paint: Vastalux(water base interior)/ Exterior,metal, non-corrosive) e. Electrical Cables: Conducem #1 2


Between us:

bearer of the passport number 41t7 ttLll     . Hereinafter identified as the “CLIN[T” and James J. Lee, USA Citizen, bear of Cedular # ___________ acting as representative with Full Power of Attorney of the company Costa Rica Land Development Company SA, with the corporate identification number 3-101-44499, hereinafter identified as the “AGENT”; have agreed to enter into the present “BUYER’S CONTRACT”, which shall be govemed by the Laws of the Republic of Costa Rica and by the following clauses:

FIRST: The AGENT as a Container Homes Brokerage Firm will provide the client with the authorizedtag numbers on the shipping container in question. This shipping container will have the dimensions enclosed, and a general state of condition.

The AGENT discloses the following information as the description of the shipping container in question.

The CLIENT must have either a crane or a backhoe with the proper chains to lift the shipping container off the trailer on the day of deliveryif we are not responsible for installation. This crane/backhoe must be at the destination before the deliver. The CLIENT will be charged for any additional time incurred by the driver for waiting on the removal and installation of the shipping container.

FORTH: PROCEDURE FOR ALIERNAIIV   f any difference, conflict or dispute arises in the connection with the performance, breach, interpretation or any other aspect derived from this agreement, the parties, in accordance with Articles forty-one and forty-three of the Political Constitution, do hereby expressly waive the application of the regular jurisdiction, and agree to resolve the conflict in accordance with the following procedwe: The matter or controversy shall be resolved by means of final award, which cannot be appealed, in accordance with the Conciliation and Arbitration Regulations of the Center for Conciliation and Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica, to which provisions the parties subject themselves on an unconditional basis. The term to challenge the award shall be ten days.





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  1. I want to fond out what type of interior wall you use since I intend to ship this to Africa where the temperature is exstemely hot. How long does an average 3 bed container house take to complete.

  2. Hello! We have property in tamarindo and currently have blue prints for a container home to build. Can you help? Please call 321-356-7989 or email.


  3. Hola.
    Quisiera contactar con ustedes para analizar un proyecto de apartamentos en Costa Rica
    Mi celular es (506)87110784

  4. I have acreage in belize do you deliver to belize? I’m raisiing money right now to set one of these houses up. If I reach even hallf of my goal it will be enough to purchase one of your 20 footers.

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