Are Shipping Containers Hurricane Proof?

This has been a big question for my company these past few weeks. With the current state of the Caribbean, Florida and Texas, people are seriously concerned about the re-building process in accordance to the increasing climate change and intense storms. When considering the investment of building a house, the construction and  design, of a home, in an area which may be prone to hurricanes, there are two main factors to consider:   The first is the susceptibility to water damage, generally  caused by flooding.The second is the resistance of the construction materials to wind damage.  While Costa Rica is not normally prone to hurricanes, tropical storms are not uncommon, so the safety of a steel constructed home is a high priority. The construction and design of our container homes has taken these factors into account. Click here to continue reading.

Hurricane Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 3.46.05 PM

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