Emergency Shelter Homes and Bunk Bed Supplies


At Containerhomes.net we repurpose Emergency Shelter Homes from single use shippingcontainersandReeferfreightcontainers. Thesecontainersare transformed in to temporary housing shelters that can accommodate 15 to 25 people and are fully equipped with electricity, water and septic connections, a small kitchenette, bathroom, and bunk bed layout options customized to the needs of each client and can be modified to include Heating and air conditioning layouts as well. Our shelter homes measure 40 feet long by 8 feet wide and stand 8 feet tall. Each unit is fully insulated and includes windows and access doors at each end of the unit.





Our customization process starts with a bulk purchase of containers that then get shipped to our refurbishing workshop in San Ramon, Costa Rica where the magic happens as we transform these metal freight containers into comfortable shelter homes with electricity, windows, doors, new paint and decor, and a functional bathroom and kitchen.




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Our shelter homes get shipped all over the world and we assure that each unit is equipped to meet regional weather specifications. Eachhome is fully insulated and all the walls and floors are closely inspected and refinished to provide a comfortable feel for the home as well as protecting it from the outside elements.




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Emergency Shelter Homes can provide shelter for up to 30 people in bunk beds stacked two to three high.

Recovery after any disaster situation starts with feeling safe and comfortable as those affected start to rebuild for themselves.

At Containerhomes.net we focus intently on building a home that is both functional and comfortable to be in. In any disaster, removing people from harms way is always priority one, but not at the cost of efficient and effective living. We create shelters that meet the demands for the space and clients needs. We can design sleeping quarter that have as many as 3 vertical bunks per bed space or just one giving the client multiple options to fit their needs. We also know that all new tenants will have belongings, keepsakes, and memories that are essential for their comfort and will need to be considered in each space.

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