Glass, Glass and more Glass!

Creating a home out of a used rusty steel box requires a lot of work. If you cut out to much of the metal then you weaken the structural integrity. So the key is to not cut the corner posts, and re-support any large panel cutouts. This is what we will discuss today.

It is no fun living in a small box with no windows. It is also not very exciting to live in a small place. Even though there is a giant movement towards living in small places.

The answer to this is glass!

Glass, Glass and more Glass! I love the idea of a glass home…with lots of curtains of course. In the past 10 years of working with container home construction I have continued to add more and more glass. Living in Costa Rica, I do need to add protection around the glass to prevent any unwanted guests. So what I have discovered is that using the cut out metal for the protection. What we do is frame out the giant cut-outs and place them onto garage door sliders to open and close the windows.

Blue Glass111


The above photo shows the slider door protecting the glass. Our goal is to open the door electrically.

The side door in the photo is seen in the following photo:

Blue Glass 2


When the doors are completely closed, the security locks are on the out side.

Blue Glass122


Doing the metal work on the container home requires many hours and strength. The metal cutouts are extremely heavy and sharp. Before you do any cut outs you want to make sure there is plenty of room around you to lower the cut out and work on installing the frame. We use a manual wench to move the cut out up and down.

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