Top 10 list of pros and cons of Container House Living

Container House Living

What is it like to live in a shipping container home?

Not a 4-6 giant container home, but a single unit. A 20ft or a 40ft container. This would be a “Tiny-House” experience. The size of your container home matters. Firsthand, you need to minimize and then minimize again. Don’t bring your giant luggage bags, just travel with plastic garbage bags. Just kidding! But not really, there is no room for you giant bags in a small 20ft, 160q/ft box.

Here is the list of Pros:

1. Your house is portable, if you decide to sell it or move it.

2. The re-sell value will stay the same and/or most likely increase. Then you can sell it and move it.

3. Its a steel security box. This is great if you plan to leave it for several months.

4. The roof can be stacked up for a second or third floor, or used as a roof top deck.

5. When you set it down on it’s foundation you can create extra space underneath for  storage.

6. You can fit your car or truck into one. This is great if you need to leave your car for several months.

7. No leaks in the roof for about 75 years. If you buy a new one, or one in great condition.

8. You can weld things all over it. Inside, you can weld shelves and hinges for beds,etc. Outside you can weld metal for fences and even weld a swing set to the side.

9. You can use them as building blocks, like legos.

10. There are hundreds of thousands of these containers for sale worldwide.

List of Cons:

1. They are very small.

2. They are loud to live in.

3. They conduct electricity, so hire a good electrician.

4. The roofs collect water and will rust then leak. So buy a new one. Or put a roof over it.

5. They get very hot and very cold. So insulate, put a roof over it and paint in with a white reflective paint.

6. There is no storage space. So build your beds on top of draws.

“Thats it!

More Pros then Cons!

So call us!


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