Shipping Container Construction Book


Costa Rica construction

Loading and send off the shipping containers

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Book index:

1. A brief History of shipping containers
2. How to buy a shipping container
3. Inspection
4. Unloading
5. Foundation
6. Internal Designs
7. Prep and paint
8. Cut Outs
9. Framing Cut outs
10. Frame out
11. Sealing
12. Windows
13. Steel bars/Shutters
14. Doors
15. Locks/Security
16. Electricity
17. Water
18. Wallboard/Insulation
19. Floor
20. Deck Construction
21. Bathroom
22. Kitchen
23. Maintenance
24. Merging and/or stacking two containers
25. Specs
26. Off the Grid
27. Emergency Shelter Homes


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      The book is filled with lots of great information about everything regarding shipping container home construction.

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      Thank you

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