Container Construction Book Available

Find our more information on the Shipping Container Construction process. This Downloadable book is the most unique and comprehensive collection of photos, design and information on the entire "step by step" process of container home construction.

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Designs, Floor plans and Blue prints.

Our design company has been very creative with ways to maximize the space.
Finding designs for container homes can be quite challenging and costly.
Therefore it is best to start off with inexpensive floor plans before moving forward.

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Videos on Shipping Container Home Construction

Over 50 complete videos on Shipping Container Home Construction ready for downloading.
Our company has documented its step by step procedure on the entire process of loading and uploading and cutting and painting and building an entire home.

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Housing for Post Disaster

At we repurpose Emergency Shelter Homes from shipping containers and Reefer freight containers. These containers are transformed in to temporary housing shelters that can accommodate 15 to 25 people and are fully equipped with the following: 1. Electricity, water and septic connections. 2. Small kitchenette. 3. Bathroom and shower. 4. Bunk beds for 18

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The floor merge

Merging Two Shipping Containers

Placing two shipping containers side by side is a very common thing to do when building with boxes 8ft wide. When building a home involving two units side by side you must remember two things. One, you must seal the two units properly to prevent any water leaks, and two, the foundation must be perfectly level. During the installation, after the first unit is in place you will need several

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Shipping Container Home Inside

Model Home Completed

Shipping Container Model Home Completed. If you live in Costa Rica you can call us to schedule an appointment for a walk through. For Sale:  $24,000 Here are the following photos on the 40ft x 8ft wide x 9.6ft High. Click on the photo to enlarge.

$6900 Container Home.

WHAT?…….A Container home for $9900?

WHAT? ……A Container home for $9900?….   The 20ft cabin:   Pre-sale $6900       The following information is what is included in this home. Standard Features: Electricity throughout the unit.  Un-Finished Bathroom(No ceramic) with all incoming and outgoing water connections. One kitchenette with all incoming and outgoing water connections. Sanded down re-finished wooden

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Container Hotel in Nosara, Costa Rica

How “GREEN” are shipping containers.

Ecologically Friendly Container home construction In this age of global warming, brought on in part by deforestation and indiscriminant reduction of plant life that can absorb greenhouse gases, we at Shipping container homes have adopted the policy of constructing new homes using as much recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible. We have been developing relationships with some of

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