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Emergency Shelter Container Homes

Emergency shelter homes

These ISO shipping containers are both hurricane and earth quake proof, based on their design, and their seaworthiness. They can withstand 100mph winds unanchored and 145 winds anchored. These homes can be used now as emergency shelter and then converted into homes and offices later. These containers can also be stacked upon each other.  

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Products for Container Home Construction

Glass, Glass and more Glass!

Creating a home out of a used rusty steel box requires a lot of work. If you cut out to much of the metal then you weaken the structural integrity. So the key is to not cut the corner posts, and re-support any large panel cutouts. This is what we will discuss today. It is

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Door Lock

Security Doors & Locks

  The way you lock your box is very important in Costa Rica! Most land owners in Costa Rica understand the concerns around home security. Unfortunately Costa Rica has a high crime rate regarding property. So it is always in your best interest to over protect your stuff so you can’t sleep at night. A

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